Employer Testimonials

“I think the site visit is the highlight of the experience… It’s our fourth time participating in TRIP and it’s been great.”
– Chainlink Relationship Marketing – New York, NY

“I love learning that [our intern’s] internship work is reinforcing his class work, and vice versa.”
– Oasis Media Group – Los Angeles, CA

“Every semester we get tremendous corporate value out of it, and we believe the intern does as well.”
– Unico Inc. – Arnold, MO

“Having [our intern] as part of the PR team was extremely helpful for our company’s fast-paced operations, especially with her quick turnaround times.”
– Sports 1 Marketing – Irvine, CA

“Outside of [our intern’s] solid performance and eagerness to learn and help out the team, we were very impressed with the candidate pool as a whole. While we believe we made the correct pick with [our intern], we feel confident that more than a few of the candidates we interviewed would have been value-added resources to the team as well. On the whole, a great program and one that Brookline is happy to be a part of.”
– Brookline Capital Markets – New York, NY

“Site visit was very fun, great to meet the students in person and give them a taste of what the industry looks like up close!”
– Madhouse Entertainment – Los Angeles, CA

“We really enjoy the opportunity to work with students to help expand our brand and organization awareness while also providing them professional development.”
– Success Academy Charter Schools – New York, NY

“The program is very much what I expected and has been fantastic.”
– Cue the Bird – Los Angeles, CA

“All great experiences so far. Definitely nice that the students get to come spend a day in our NYC office to meet and share with our full time team.”
– Tilit Chef Goods – New York, NY

“I think it is a very smart idea to have launched this program. Excellent experience and resume builder for the students.”
– Edge Wealth Management – New York, NY