Student Testimonials

“I was really able to apply what I learned in the classroom to a real company and was able to understand the financial jargon and talk about it.”
– Anna Mattamana (Finance, ’20) – Financial Services/Research Intern, Ladenburg Thalmann & Co.

“The TRIP program gave me a great level of confidence in pursuing summer internships and with a bunch of friends similarly eager for career experience, I would absolutely recommend that they pursue the program for similar reasons.”
– Sydne Klein (Digital Media Production, Political Science, Communications, ’20) – Entertainment/Development Intern, Madhouse Entertainment

“I thought my projects broadened my knowledge of the real estate industry and taught me how to manage a long term project with a lot of other commitments.”
– Jonny Emmerman (Finance, ’20) – Financial Intern, Guardhill Finanical

“I learned a TON about the industry and improved my writing skills… It fit seamlessly with my schedule and made me feel more prepared for future internships.”
– Addison Walker (Marketing and Digital Media Production, ’19) – Content Marketer Intern, Chainlink Relationship Marketing

“I have taken part in TRIP for two semesters now and it has given me the opportunity to travel and gain experience… This is a program everyone should know about because it is such a great program in my honest opinion. I cannot recommend this program enough. Although fast paced, it is worth it because of all the experience and connections you create.”
– Khoa-Andrew Nguyen (Engineering Physics, ’20) – Customer Success, Sales, Engineering, Marketing and Data Science Intern, Cien, Inc.

“The assigned projects were extremely valuable and applicable to what you would expect in the real world.”
– Adam Luray (Finance, ’19) – Commercial Real Estate Intern, Marcus & Millichap

“I love the fact that this program exists!! It’s so cool that we are able to be paired with such amazing companies throughout the school year. It builds my experience and network with a lot of convince.”
– Jennifer Glickman (Marketing, ’19) – Marketing Intern, sprout group

“I like that I am developing connections in New York from New Orleans, and that I am gaining exposure to real work. I also appreciate that I get to have an internship that works to my schedule.”
– Jamie Friedman (Finance, ’20) – Analysis Intern, Millstein and Co.

“It has made me stand out in summer recruiting pools. Employers like the extra experience and it puts students ahead of others.”
– Henry Sidle (Finance, ’20) – Research/Analysis Intern, DH Capital

“The program connected me with two really great people in both the city and industry I want to be in. I’m sure the benefits of this internship will impact me far into the future and the remote visit was a highlight of my college experience.”
– Cole Hamilton (Finance, ’18) – Entertainment/Production Intern, Cue the Bird

“I like how supportive Sophie and Byron are. Our duties are clearly communicated, and they aren’t difficult to accomplish.”
– Jennifer Quan (Marketing, ’20) – Education/Marketing Intern, Success Academy Charter Schools

“Gives me experience with statistical collection and analysis which I can apply to other jobs and experiences as well.”
– Ishan Mattoo (Economics/Public Health, ’21) – Biotechnology Intern, Forward Science