Fall 2019 Timeline for Students and Employers

Monday, August 26 – Thursday, September 5: Open Application Period for Students
* While this is a deadline, resumes may be reviewed in real time, so it is in your best interest to submit as soon as possible. Also remember that your resume will need to be reviewed and approved prior to submitting.

Friday, September 6: Resumes and Cover Letters sent to Employers

Monday, September 9: Interview Selection Period for Employers
* Employers will first notify Tulane who you plan to interview, and we will let those students know to expect to hear from you. At that point, you will schedule phone or Skype interviews on your own with your candidates.

Tuesday, September 10: Interviews Announced to Selected Students

Wednesday, September 11 – Thursday, September 19: Interview Period between Selected Students and Employers (Skype and Phone, not In Person)

Monday, September 24: Selections Announced
* Employers can not offer to candidates until all have been interviewed, and students cannot accept offers until all of their interviews have been completed (students are allowed to interview with 3 companies).

Tuesday, September 25: Students Book Travel with Tulane Staff

Thursday, September 27 – Friday September 28: Mandatory Virtual Orientation Sessions for Students

Week of October 1: Project Description Development with Employers & OnBoarding
*Employers will work with their intern to create a project description which will highlight all projects that will be completed by the intern, as well as deliverables and goals for the internship and the students professional future. This will be completed during the on-boarding period of the internship and will be emailed to byron@tulane.edu by the student upon completion.

Thursday, October 10 – Friday, October 11: Company Site Visit & Onboarding (paid for by Tulane)
* Unless otherwise noted on the internship descriptions, the intern will travel to the company and its city for a site visit on Thursday, October 11 and/or Friday, October 12. This is required and students are responsible for fulfilling this unless approved PRIOR to you submitting your application.

Friday, December 6: Remote Internship Ends

Tuesday, December 17: Final Required Intern Reflection Paper Due