Saturday, March 6, 2021

A Virtual Networking Event for Tulane Students Across the USA!

“Tulane Takeover Virtually Everywhere” was created to mimic our widely successful, in-person Tulane Takeover events held since 2015. As is the case during these current times, a virtual networking event is necessary to allow for students, alumni, parents and other professionals to connect and meet.

Traditional Tulane Takeovers

Normally Tulane Takeovers were held in cities where there are significant numbers of students, alumni and parents with Tulane ties and connections. These have been in-person networking events intended to allow for career networking and engagement. Previous cities have included New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami and many more.

Making Takeover Virtual

On the day of the event (March 6), students will have the opportunity to meet with alumni, parents, recruiters and others in “virtual career conversations” each lasting 15 minutes. These will be held in 3 and a half-hour blocks. Professionals will have a virtual “booth” to meet with students in a first-come, first-served format. The event platform will allow students to browse available professionals and either stand in line OR select from a timeslot when the professional is available for a meeting. All is needed for this event is a laptop or computer with a webcam and microphone.

Tulane Takeover Virtually Everywhere Schedule

Saturday, March 6


All participants will need to register prior to event day.

Professionals – Please create a profile in The Crest HERE to register for Tulane Takeover Virtually Everywhere. We will send a confirmation email once you have been confirmed on the virtual event platform and how to use it for the day of the event.

Students – You will register HERE in our virtual event platform. Please use your Tulane email address and complete all requested fields.


March 6


Morning Session
9 AM – 12 PM CT

Career Conversations –
In addition to open networking, students will have the opportunity to join Career Conversation seminars with selected professionals across industries. Generally arranged by major career industries, these Career Conversations will allow for one or more professionals to speak to a group of students and answer questions in a virtual meeting room. These seminars are open to all students and young alumni who would like to participate.

Please choose one of the sessions below and register in Handshake. Zoom link will be sent to students prior to session starting on March 6.

Career Conversations in Consulting


Career Conversations in Media

Career Conversations in Entertainment (Music & Sports)

Career Conversations in Communications/Marketing Public Relations

10 AM – 12 PM
Career Exposure Networking
– Geared primarily to first- and second-year students who are exploring career options and discovering career pathways, professionals will engage with Tulane students in 15-minute video networking sessions, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Keynote Address
12 PM – 1:30 PM CT


During this moderated discussion, all Tulane Takeover participants are invited to hear from former NFL player Wade Davis, thought leader, public speaker, and writer on gender, race, and orientation equality. Davis is the Vice President of Inclusion Strategy for Product at Netflix. Anneliese Singh, Associate Provost for Diversity and Faculty Development at Tulane, will give welcome remarks.


Afternoon Session
Career Conversations –
In addition to open networking, students will have the opportunity to join Career Conversation seminars with selected professionals across industries. Generally arranged by major career industries, these Career Conversations will allow for one or more professionals to speak to a group of students and answer questions in a virtual meeting room. These seminars are open to all students and young alumni who would like to participate.

Please choose one of the sessions below and register in Handshake. Zoom link will be sent to students prior to session starting on March 6.

Career Conversations in Finance


Career Conversations in Human Resources and Business Operations

Career Conversations in Business Development, Product Development and Technology

Career Conversations in Entertainment (Television, Film and Associated Industries)

Wade Davis

Keynote Speaker
Vice President of Inclusion Strategy for Product | Netflix

Former NFL Player Wade Davis is a thought leader, public speaker, and writer on gender, race, and orientation equality.


Read Wade’s Full Bio

Career Conversation Panels

During the day you will have an opportunity to jump into scheduled Career Conversation virtual panels to listen to these alumni speak about their career, their job and their industry as a whole. Full schedule and links for registration will be posted soon.

9 AM | Careers in Consulting
Register in Handshake HERE

Eddie Katz (B '12)
Vice President

Blake Paul (NT '19)
Business Process Development Analyst
Accenture Federal Services

Kiera Solomon (PHTM '19)
Senior Consultant
Booz Allen Hamilton
Hasitha Sridharan (B' 15)
Senior Consultant
Monika Smith (B' 13)
Vice President, New Business Client Solutions

9 AM | Careers in Media
Register in Handshake HERE

Brianna Gershkowitz (SLA '19)
Promotional Planning Coordinator, Peacock TV
Nicole Chajson (SLA '19)
Account Services Representative, NBCUniversal Media, LLC
James F. Onorato (B '16)
Coordinator, Integrated Marketing, The Walt Disney Company
Abby Waring (B '17)
Executive Assistant, Entertainment Enterprises, iHeart Media

9 AM | Careers in Entertainment - Music and Sports
Register in Handshake HERE

Carly Weinstein (SLA '18)
Executive Assistant, Marketing, Republic Records (Universal Music Group)
Dana Linn (SLA '12)
Senior Brand Manager, LiveNation
Grant Paranjape (SSE '14, B '16)
Vice President of Esports Business, Washington Justice

9 AM | Careers in Communications, Marketing and Public Relations
Register in Handshake HERE

Tayla Young (B '18)
Account Executive
FCB Global

Asha Wafer (SLA '19 '20)
Account Associate
RALLY: a communications firm
Madison Gee (NT '18)
Senior Account Executive, Healthcare
BCW Global

Emily Parker (B '18)
Assistant Manager, Global Product Marketing, Origins
Esteé Lauder

Sebastian Saldarriaga (B '11)
Director Social Media
Neiman Marcus Group

4 PM | Careers in Human Resources and Operations
Register in Handshake HERE

Leonard Bresler (SSE '15)
Global Head of Operations Analytics, Restaurant Brands International
Michelle Feffer (SLA '12)
Technical Recruiter, Facebook
Emma Shifren (SLA '18)
Creative Operations Project Coordinator, Peacock TV
Lambert Odeh, Jr. (B '15)
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Manager, Olo

4 PM | Careers in in Business Development, Product Development and Technology
Register in Handshake HERE

Brian Newman (B '19)
Sales Representative, Stryker
Justin Picard (SLA '16)
Account Executive, Growth Business, Salesforce
Alicia He (B '17)
Product Manager, Strategy & Ops Associate, N26
Emily Johnson (SSE '12)
Business Analyst
Discovery Inc.

4 PM | Careers in Finance
Register in Handshake HERE

Anna Mattamana (B '19, PHTM '20)
Commercial Banking Analyst, Citi
Allie Feiner (SLA '10)
Assistant Vice President, AllianceBernstein
Will Copeland (B '18)
Finance and Business Development Lead, HIVE DIVERSITY
Robert Bond (B '18)
Investment Banking Associate, Bank of America Merrill Lynch


4 PM | Careers in Entertainment (Television, Film and Associated Industries)
Register in Handshake HERE

Daniel Etzioni (SLA '16)
Distribution/Releasing Representative, Sony Pictures Entertainment
Tori Novie (SLA, B '19)
Production Assistant, Lucasfilm Ltd.
Ashan Singh (SLA '15)
On-Air Contributor & Segment Producer, "Nightline", ABC News
Keith Harvey (SLA '15, B '16)
Executive Assistant to Founding Partner, Morris Yorn Barnes Levine Entertainment Law Firm

Students: Prepare Now for Saturday, March 6


Here is the important information for using the Brazen platform for the networking portion of the day.
It is important to note that Brazen is a virtual career fair/job expo platform but we are using it for networking only for Takeover.

The professionals participating on Saturday are Tulane Alumni and Parents who are volunteering for this event. This is not a career fair and the professionals participating are not recruiters….just keep that in mind. Hopefully, you will have a positive and fulfilling conversation with many professionals which you can follow-up with and continue the conversation throughout the semester for mentoring, career advice and potentially internship/job referral.

Register for Career Conversations Panels and the Keynote Speaker
Career Conversations in Consulting
Career Conversations in Media | REGISTER HERE
Career Conversations in Entertainment (Music & Sports) |
Career Conversations in Communications/Marketing Public Relations | REGISTER HERE
Keynote Speaker | Wade Davis, Netflix | Register HERE
Career Conversations in Finance
Career Conversations in Human Resources and Business Operations | REGISTER HERE
Career Conversations in Business Development, Product Development and Technology | REGISTER HERE
Career Conversations in Entertainment (Television, Film and Associated Industries) | REGISTER HERE
Before Networking

Make sure that you login to Brazen HERE and complete your profile if you have not done so.

  1. Upload an error-free resume.
  2. Include a photo to your profile (preferably your LinkedIn headshot).
  3. Include your LinkedIn link in the space provided on the profile.
Networking Tips
  1. You should do your best to access the networking via a laptop/desktop with a strong internet connection.
  2. Although you can use your phone, try to have it in a stationary position like on an easel.
  3. Using your laptop? Raise the laptop with a few books underneath it so the camera is eye-level.
  4. Make sure you have access to a quiet space with a non-distracting background during networking and career panels.
  5. As with most virtual meetings, you should be dressed business casual (or better) from the waist up.
  6. Have some informational interview questions prepared (sample questions below).
Accessing the List of Professionals Participating
  1. You may enter the event now by logging in HERE to view the Lobby for the event (screenshots below)
  2. To view the database of participating professionals, click HEREPassword is RollWave (case sensitive)
  3. We are continuing to confirm registrations even up until Saturday so check back often.
  4. You do not need to reach out to these individuals on LinkedIn before the event. They are eager and willing to speak to as many Tulanians as possible!!
How to Chat with Professionals in the Booths
  • Once the event is live (10 AM and 2 PM), enter the event by logging into Brazen HERE
  • You will access the Lobby and Enter the Booth of the Industry (Morning) and Individual (Afternoon) that you would like to connect with.
    • Morning Conversations will be with the next available professional in that industry booth.
    • Afternoon Conversations may require you to “wait in line” if there is a student already chatting with the professional.
  • You will message the professional via Chat once in the booth. The professional engages or starts a video/audio chat if they choose.
  • You will not have an opportunity to schedule conversations with professionals. These are strictly first-come, first-served.
  • Both video and text chats are timed. The default time for each conversation is 15 minutes.
  • As you get to the end of the time period, a pop-up will show that you are nearing the end of your 15 minutes.
  • Once the conversation is over, you are free to move to any other booths and engage with professionals in the same way.






How it Works Video to See the whole process

During the Networking portion if you need Technical help, the Brazen support team will be available.
You can access the Help option from the left navigation bar and/or use the Help Chat which will be active during the event.

Morning Session Booths (10 AM – 12 PM CT) will be arranged by Industry
Industry booths will not be staffed in the Afternoon
  1. Accounting and Finance
  2. Consulting and Business Development
  3. CPG and Retail Services
  4. Education
  5. Film/TV, Music and Sports
  6. Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital
  7. Government and the Public Sector
  8. Health and Human Services
  9. Information Technology (Software/Hardware/Internet)
  10. Law and the Legal Profession
  11. Marketing and Sales
  12. Media and Communications
  13. Medicine and Healthcare
  14. Non-Profit and NGO
  15. Real Estate
  16. Science and Engineering

Afternoon Session Booths (2 PM – 4 PM CT) will be arranged by professional
Note the individual booths will not be staffed in the Morning!

Sample Informational Interview Questions
  1. What are your main responsibilities as a…?
  2. What is a typical day (or week) like for you?
  3. What do you like most about your work?
  4. What do you like least about your work?
  5. What kinds of problems do you deal with?
  6. What kinds of decisions do you make?
  7. How does your position fit within the organization/career field/industry?
  8. How does your job affect your general lifestyle?
  9. What current issues and trends in the field should I know about/be aware of?
  10. What are some common career paths in this field?
  11. What kinds of accomplishments tend to be valued and rewarded in this field?
  12. What related fields do you think I should consider looking into?
  13. How did you become interested in this field?
  14. How did you begin your career?
  15. How do most people get into this field? What are common entry-level jobs?
  16. What steps would you recommend I take to prepare to enter this field?
  17. How relevant to your work is your undergraduate major?
  18. What kind of education, training, or background does your job require?
  19. What skills, abilities, and personal attributes are essential to success in your job/this field?
  20. What is the profile of the person most recently hired at my level?
  21. What are the most effective strategies for seeking a position in this field?
  22. Can you recommend trade journals, magazines or professional associations which would be helpful for my professional development?
  23. If you could do it all over again, would you choose the same path for yourself? If not, what would you change?
  24. I’ve read that the entry-level salary range for this field is usually in the range of ______? Does this fit with what you’ve seen? (Don’t ask about the person’s actual salary.)
  25. What advice would you give someone who is considering this type of job (or field)?
  26. Can you suggest anyone else I could contact for additional information?


Alumni and Parents

The success of this event is based on involvement by Alumni and Parents volunteering to serve as networking professionals for the event. Your ability to spend a few hours networking with students will allow for greater understanding of career pathways and what students can do to prepare for a future they would like to attain. Although the conversations are limited to 15 minutes per student, if you choose to form a longer networking connection with one student or multiple students, we encourage you to do so.

How it Works

Once you are registered in our virtual platform, you will be assigned to a virtual “booth” for the day of the event. Depending on turnout, you may be in a booth with others in your same industry or potentially from the same company. Students will view the available booths and login and request a chat. You will approve the chat and both you and the student will be entered into a one-to-one chat using your camera on your laptop, desktop or mobile device. The chat is timed and you will receive a warning when you are close to the end. You will then be in rotation to speak to other students during your allotted time.

Career Networking

Alumni, parents and other professionals will participate in the Career Networking sessions during the event. They work at or have knowledge of the companies listed below. They will be able to give insight into the industries represented and the companies/organizations themselves. Please note, this is not a job fair or career expo so they may not have specific information related to hiring at the company but can provide guidance on how to inquire into opportunities.

Current company
Location (City)
Location (State)
7Park Data New York New York
A3 Artists Agency New York New York
ABC News New York New York
Acclaro Nyack New York
Adaptam, Inc. Los Altos Hills California
Advantage Group International El Pajonal Jutiapa
Adverum Biotechnologies, Inc. Mountain View California
AGL Credit Charlotte North Carolina
AiCure, Parkloco, DreamIt Ventures, Firefly XD Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Align Technology Dallas Texas
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Washington District of Columbia
Angie Craig for Congress Minneapolis Minnesota
Atlanta Police Department McDonough Georgia
Automotive Testing and Development Services, Inc. Ontario California
Avantor, VWR, part of Avantor, VWR, Avantor St. Louis Missouri
Bank of America Merrill Lynch\n, Bank of America Merrill Lynch\n Palo Alto California
Bayer Crop Science St. Louis Missouri
Benzer Group, Benzer Insurance Group–Farmers Insurance Millersville Maryland
Bermello Ajamil & Partners Miami Florida
BNY Mellon Westfield New Jersey
Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard Boston Massachusetts
Brother Martin High School New Orleans Louisiana
Catch New York New York New York
Chemonics International Bogota Columbia
Chief, something different New York New York
CINETic Bucuresti Romania
Citi New York New York
City of Chandler, Arizona Phoenix Arizona
City of New Orleans New Orleans Louisiana
Clear Solutions Consulting Services LLC El Paso Texas
Coaches Inc. Rockville Maryland
Daily Harvest New York New York
Deep South Crane and Rigging, LLC Baton Rouge Louisiana
Digital Additive Atlanta Georgia
DinnerTime, Inc Baltimore Maryland
Dodini Behavioral Health, The George Washington University Arlington Virginia
Dotdash, an IAC Company New York New York
Dr. Lisa K. Brien New York New York
Embedded Healthcare Washington District of Columbia
Enerflex Ltd. Houston Texas
Entrical Baton Rouge Louisiana
Epic Games, Epic Games Cary North Carolina
Equitable Advisors New York New York
Ernst & Young Kansas City Missouri
EY Miami Florida
EZ Event Photography Long Beach California
FCB Global Chicago Illinois
FDA Washington District of Columbia
Fifth Third Bank, Fifth Third Bank (Cincinnati, OH) Cincinnati Ohio
FIS, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Cleveland Ohio
Fish and Richardson PC Houston Texas
Friedberg Properties & Associates, Christie’s International Real Estate Northern NJ Closter New Jersey
gershon New Orleans Louisiana
Goldfish Swim School Livingston Livingston New Jersey
Goldman Sachs New York New York
Gonzaga University – School of Business Administration, Holocaust Center for Humanity Seattle Washington
Grandbridge Real Estate Capital Boca Raton Florida
Hair Shunnarah Trial Attorneys, LLC New Orleans Louisiana
Hassman Research Institute Berlin New Jersey
Healing Household 6 Wilmington North Carolina
HIVE Diversity New York New York
Hornig Capital Partners, MDF Development Group LLC New York New York
ICM Partners Los Angeles California
IHS Markit Springdale Arkansas
Intuit Los Angeles California
J&M Estrategias Provincia de Cocle Panama
J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. Houston Texas
J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. Houston Texas
J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. New York New York
J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. Columbus Ohio
J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. Summit New Jersey
Jackson Memorial Hospital Miami Florida
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Baltimore Maryland
JR Katz Chicago Illinois
K. Bourgeois Consulting Houston Texas
Kansas City Chiefs Football Club, Inc. Kansas City Missouri
Keller Williams Atlanta Perimeter, Keller Williams Atlanta Perimeter Atlanta Georgia
Kenworth of Louisiana Gray Louisiana
KMR Financial Advisory Atlanta Georgia
KPMG Boston Massachusetts
Lakehouse Capital Sydney New South Wales
Law Office of Frank Pola Jr San Juan San Juan
Lemon Aide Society Dallas Texas
Lennar, Lennar Irvine California
LifeStance Health Philadelphia Pennsylvania
LinkedIn Sunnyvale California
LogicMonitor Camarillo California
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center New Orleans Louisiana
LTX, A Broadridge Company, LTX Corp. New York New York
Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. New York New York
Mata Law Mexico City Mexico City
Metro Wastewater Reclamation District Denver Colorado
MNC Consulting Atlanta Georgia
Modern Therapy, PLLC Houston Texas
Modjeski and Masters, Inc. New Orleans Louisiana
Mondiale Consulting LLC New Orleans Louisiana
MoVE Initiative , Office of Illinois Lt. Governor Juliana Stratton Chicago Illinois
Neiman Marcus Group Dallas Texas
New York Life Insurance Company, NYLIFE Securities LLC New Orleans Louisiana
New York University School of Law New York New York
NoBid, BlackInc Portland Oregon
Northern Star Generation Houston Texas
Novartis Oncology Davie Florida
Options Solutions Washington District of Columbia
Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office New Orleans Louisiana
Palladium: Make It Possible Washington District of Columbia
Palmetto Washington District of Columbia
PBS Arlington Virginia
Pennsylvania Drug Discovery Institute Doylestown Pennsylvania
Pentagon, US Department of Defense, Office of the Secretary of Defense for Policy Washington District of Columbia
Phelps Dunbar LLC New Orleans Louisiana
Pincione Avvocati Milano Lombardia
Planet Fitness Sugar Land Texas
Poetry Matters Project Martinez Georgia
Private Practice Charlotte North Carolina
Prophet, Prophet, Prophet New York New York
Prothena Menlo Park California
PureAir Filtration Honolulu Hawaii
PwC Houston Texas
QualityIQ, QualityIQ Austin Texas
Raritan Valley Community Collegege Bound Brook New Jersey
Riskalyze Sacramento California
Rodan & Fields San Francisco California
RWE Renewables, Burns & McDonnell, Burns & McDonnell Chicago Illinois
SAS Nashville Tennessee
Scott William Weinert LLC Dallas Texas
Shane Carew, P.S. Seattle Washington
Slate Magazine Washington District of Columbia
Sony Pictures Los Angeles California
SpeakEasy Political San Francisco California
Stand Up To Cancer College Station Texas
Star-Med, LLC, Health Information Alliance, Inc., Conifer Health Solutions, Star-Med, LLC King of Prussia Pennsylvania
State of North Carolina Greenville North Carolina
Steadman Management San Francisco California
Student Bogotá Bogotá
Symphony Health, Symphony Health Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Tableau Software (Salesforce) Austin Texas
Tetra Tech MSI Washington District of Columbia
Texas A&M Health Science Center Spring Texas
Texas A&M University-Commerce Commerce Texas
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company Santiago Santiago Metropolitan Region
The Munshine Group, Suzanne R. Albin Westfield New Jersey
The University of Chicago Law School Legal Forum, New York County District Attorney’s Office New York New York
The Walt Disney Company Los Angeles California
TikTok New York New York
TopstepTrader Chicago Illinois
Trace Innovations Hanover New Hampshire
Trinity Church New Orleans Louisiana
Troika Los Angeles California
Tulane University New Orleans Louisiana
Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine New Orleans Louisiana
U.S. Department of Commerce Washington District of Columbia
Udacity, Inc. Madison New Jersey
United States Tennis Association New York New York
US Navy Providence Rhode Island
US Navy Memphis Tennessee
Verve Label Group (Universal Music Group) Los Angeles California
VMware San Jose California
Voyager Capital Seattle Washington
Washington University in St Louis St. Louis Missouri
WME (William Morris Endeavor), Run The Trap Los Angeles California