Virtual Career Connections is a program designed to cultivate meaningful mentorship opportunities for the global Tulane community, with alumni and parents providing valuable support and career guidance as students navigate their career planning process. The program is facilitated through our networking platform called The Crest. Students can use the platform to connect with alumni in various career fields. Alumni and parents from all class years, majors, and schools may participate as volunteer mentors.

Program Overview

  • Both students and professionals (alumni and/or parents) register and complete a profile in The Crest, which takes 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Students are then able to search for and request a professional who best matches their career interests.
  • Professionals can designate how many student inquiries they will accept per month which results in a student meeting through The Crest.
  • Professionals may either accept or decline any meeting request.
  • Students are encouraged to research the industry of interst and the professional(s) representing that industry before asking for a meeting.

For Alumni and Parents

If you are interested in serving as an professional for the Virtual Career Connections program, please complete the registration form HERE. Once completed, a member of the Career Wave Team will be in contact with you for next steps. Thank you in advance for your participation in this program.

For Students

All current Tulane undergraduate students are eligible to participate in the Virtual Career Connections program to identify and connect with professionals. Students will be asked to make a profile in The Crest to connection with professionals. You will see program goals and additional information below to assist you in joining The Crest:

What is The Crest?

The Crest is a career connections and networking platform for Tulane students and alumni. It provides a space for students to connect with professionals in industries of interest and ask meaningful questions regarding career preparation and skill-building to enter the industry.

How can I benefit from The Crest?

  1. Browse alumni profiles and arrange flash career conversations with professionals in your city or industry of interest
  2. Ask career-related questions on the discussion forum
  3. Join specialized groups focused on particular topic or region
  4. Gain insider knowledge on career pathways in your desired fields

What is expected of me?

Students are responsible for taking the time to research their industry or career path of interest before reaching out to professionals in The Crest. They will also be required to set expectations for the meeting by defining the focus of the conversation and coming prepared with a list of at least 3-5 questions to ask the professional during their initial meeting.

Other expectations include:

  • Become knowledgeable about your mentor (look him/her up on LinkedIn, know their background, industry, and company).
  • Know what you would like to learn prior to connecting with him/her.
  • Ask thoughtful questions and accept feedback.
  • Follow through mentor suggestions and advice.
  • Show professionalism – be on time to all scheduled meetings, respond promptly to your mentor, be respectful of your mentor’s time and generosity.

How do I sign up? What are the requirements?

Students wishing to join The Crest and participate in Virtual Career Connections will be required to do the following:

  • Students should have a complete and updated Handshake profile. This includes all requested information is up-to date (graduation year, major(s), minor(s), career goals, etc.)
  • Students must have a current resume in Handshake that has been approved by the career center corresponding with their major. A “current” resume means it was updated within the last six months.
  • Students must have an up-to-date LinkedIn profile including a professional photo.
  • Once the above three items are complete, students may create a profile on The Crest platform.

How do I create a profile in The Crest?

  • Go to
  • Click “Join the Crest”.
  • Use the Tulane SSO to link with your Tulane email address. Students not using their Tulane email address will be declined.
  • Complete the profile creation sections and include a headshot such as from your LinkedIn profile.
  • Do not leave or close your browser before signing the User Agreement which is the last stage of the profile creation. You will not have access to The Crest if you do not sign the User Agreement.
  • You will enter The Crest as a “pending” registration until your eligibility has been verified (Handshake profile, approved resume, updated LinkedIn profile).
  • You will be notified within 2 – 3 days after registration on next steps.