Create opportunities for Tulane Alumni and Parents to interact, network and mentor Tulane students so they can reach their full career potential. We don’t expect them to hire the students directly but provide guidance so they can be hired.

Tulane Remote Internship Program

Programs such as the Tulane Remote Internship Program allow students to gain practical experience with national companies while on campus and then visit their companies during Fall Break.

Tulane Takeovers

The Tulane Takeover events provide opportunities for students to meet, network and receive mentorship from Tulane Parents and Alumni who are well-positioned to provide assistance. Held in multiple cities across the US, these events connect students with professionals where they live and work.

As we have adjusted to changing the way we conduct events, especially in person events, we changed the traditional Tulane Takeover events to our first ever – Tulane Takeover Virtually Everywhere.

These networking events will be held on May 26, 27 and 28 and will allow students to interact with alumni. parents and other professionals to assist in navigating this new world we are living in and provide career guidance and advice.

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Spring 2020 Executive in Residence
Debbie Polishook
Group Chief Executive
Accenture Operations

Executive in Residence

Imagine getting a master class in career success from current and retired executives who have reached the pinnacle of their professional careers. The Executive in Residence program brings current and former CEOs and other high-level professionals to campus multiple times during the semester to lecture, speak in classes and then provide one-on-one career guidance to students.

Many Roads can Lead to Many Industries

How to Drive your Career Successfully (and Avoid Potholes Along the Way)
Featuring Recent Graduates from All of Tulane’s Undergraduate Colleges

With the right combination of academic, professional and extracurricular experiences, there is no limit to what undergraduate students from Tulane can do. Art majors can work in Finance, finance majors can work in art galleries, and everything in between. There is no longer a linear trajectory between only major and career, and the Career Wave Signature Series will showcase recent Tulane graduates – across all fields of study – who have been successful in obtaining jobs in several of the following Career Wave Industry Verticals.


Saturday, March 14
Government, International Affairs & Public Policy
Communications, Marketing & Public Relations
Retail & CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods)

Saturday, March 28
Real Estate

Thursday, April 23
Entertainment: Sports, Music, Film & Television

Tulane to Hollywood

The opportunities are boundless for students wishing to enter the world of film, television and digital media production. The Tulane to Hollywood program is a series of panels, networking sessions and classroom presentations where students meet some of the leaders in the industry.