Tulane Remote industry program

Providing opportunities for Tulane students to find what industry suits them.


The Tulane Remote Industry Program is specifically for students who have no experience but would like to gain experience.

The purpose and goal of TRIP is to provide experiences for students who may have never chosen a major or have NO EXPERIENCE in an industry. The goal is to provide experiences that students can build upon for future internships.

Over 400 students have participated in TRIP in the past several years, and now work at amazing companies.


The question remains – “How do you get experience if you have no experience?” That is what TRIP hopes to eliminate. The Tulane Remote Industry Program is intended for students who are seeking to learn more about an industry.

We have partnered with select companies to provide experiences that will involve learning through doing. Maybe you are unsure of an industry? Maybe you want to learn more about a particular field before declaring a major? TRIP is intended to help you learn.

These experiences are not an internship but ways for you to better prepare for a future internship in the industry of your choosing. Applicants are assigned experiences after completing our application which explores where your interests lie.


You can read some TRIP Frequently Asked Questions HERE.



Our Company Partners offer unique experiences to students who want to learn more about a given industry before applying for internships later in their college careers. Many of our companies in the past have developed opportunities for students who want to learn and grow.

These experiences are best described as a step before an internship and intended for students who may have no experience regardless of year in school. You may have once yourself been in the same situation where you wished there had been a way to learn more by doing.

Company Partners will offer opportunities that offer students the following:

  • Opportunities to meet individuals at their company that they would normally not meet
  • Regular meetings to discuss what it’s like to work in that industry or work at that company
  • Work projects that will enhance the out-of-class experience and create opportunities for growth
  • A “birds-eye” view of a chosen industry through mentoring and guidance

Though we encourage all companies to take part in this unique program, we realize some companies may be looking for a pipeline of talent through traditional internship methods. We invite those companies to connect with the Tulane Career Center to inquire about posting those opportunities.

Next Steps for Company Partners:

If you think you are ready to offer an experience for students, please follow these steps:

  1. ** UPDATE as of 10/5** The response from the Tulane community was overwhelming. We are not taking automatic appointments right now. Please see HERE for information and contact Leonard A. Williams if you would like to proceed.
  2. After appointment, you will be sent a link to post your experience
  3. The TRIP Staff will make matches between October 24-26. You will be notified of your match by October 26, 2022.
  4. Schedule a time to speak with your student before the program starts November 1, 2022.
  5. TRIP will run from November 1, 2022 to December 9, 2022.


For Tulane students seeking to gain experience in a given industy, TRIP is fantastic for providing opportunities for students to gain valuable experience and knowledge. Differennt than an intership, this would be the step you take before a more seasoned internship. TRIP is intended and designed for students to gain exposure to an industry before they take on a more seasoned internship with true work outcomes.

There are some very important details of TRIP that make it unique to Tulane:

  1. TRIP is exclusively reserved for students who have no experience. All students are eligble to apply. However, preference is given to those students with no experience.
  2. Students will be assigned an experience based on their interests and availabilty on experience opportunities. If a match cannot be made, students will be notified and invited to apply their next semester if eligible.
  3. TRIP will work with Company Partners to create an experience to highlight the chisen industry. This will include work projects, mentor meetings and virtual meetings to better understand the industry and it’s patterns.
  4. Some Company Partners may offer Site Visits. These will be arranged for AFTER the experience and will occur at a pre-determined date.

For those students seeking a more traditional internship, we invite them to visit their college career center for information or Handshake.

Next Steps for Students:

If you think you are ready to apply, follow these steps below:

  1. Complete the Application HERE.
  2. Matches with Company Partners is not guaranteed. Matches will be made based on availability of industry experiences and student interest.
  3. Applications will be time-stamped. Matches are made on a first-come, first-served basis.
  4. If there are any problems with the application, IMMEDIATELY contact Dr. Leonard A. Williams at lwill5@tulane.edu and explain your situation. Failure to alert problems may result in non-matching.

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