Tulane Remote industry program

Providing opportunities for Tulane students to find what industry suits them.


The Tulane Remote Industry Program is specifically for students who have very little industry knowledge but want to learn about it from someone in the industry.

The purpose and goal of TRIP is to provide experiences for students who may have never chosen a major or are not ready to take on a full internship in an industry. The goal is to provide experiences that students can build upon their discovery as they progress in school.

Although not an internship, we connect students with Alumni & Parents who are willing to share their industry knowledge with students.

The Tulane Remote Industry Program is intended for students who are seeking to learn more about an industry. Think of it as the step before an internship or a major is selected.

Maybe you are unsure of an industry? Maybe you want to learn more about a particular field before declaring a major? TRIP is intended to help you learn.

These experiences are not specifically resume material but will help students to be more competitive when they are ready to apply for internships and jobs. Students are assigned Industry Professionals based on a mutual match to further their understanding of an industry.

You can read some TRIP Frequently Asked Questions HERE.

Alumni/ Parents Who Wish to Serve as Industry Partners

Our Industry Partners offer unique experiences to students who want to learn more about a given industry before applying for internships later in their college careers. Many of our Industry Partners have developed learning projects for students to better understand the industry.

These experiences are best described as a step before an internship and intended for students who may have no experience regardless of year in school. You may have once yourself been in the same situation where you wished there had been a way to learn more by doing.

Industry Partners will provide opportunities for students the following:

  • Opportunities to meet with them and ask questions about an industry or job
  • Regular meetings to discuss what it’s like to work in that industry or work at that company
  • A project that will enhance the out-of-class experience and create opportunities for growth
  • A “birds-eye” view of a chosen industry through mentoring and guidance

Though we encourage all Alumni/Parents to take part in this unique program, we realize some may be looking for a pipeline of talent through traditional internship methods. We invite those companies to connect with the Tulane Career Center to inquire about posting those opportunities.

Commitment From Industry Partners:

We ask Industry Partners to be willing to commit to the following:

  1. Ability to meet with the student 3 to 4 times before the start of the next semester. These meetings can be by Virtual, phone or in person (if they are in your city)
  2. Be willing to assign a project for better understanding of the industry. Examples of projects can be found HERE
  3. Understanding this is not an internship but students may apply for future internships with your company
  4. Sharing of industry knowledge and insight with students who have very little knowledge of your industry and are still in a exploratory stage

If you are ready to volunteer to be an Industry Partner, please contact Leonard A. Williams, PhD for next steps.


For Tulane students seeking to gain experience in a given industry, TRIP is fantastic for providing opportunities for students to gain valuable experience and knowledge. Different than an internship, this would be the step you take before a more seasoned internship. TRIP is intended and designed for students to gain exposure to an industry before they take on a more seasoned internship with true work outcomes.

There are some very important details of TRIP that make it unique to Tulane:

  1. TRIP is exclusively reserved for students who have no experience. All students are eligible to apply. However, preference is given to those students with no experience.
  2. Students will be assigned an Industry Partner based on their interests and availability to work with students. If a match cannot be made, students will be notified and invited to apply their next semester if eligible.
  3. TRIP will work with Industry Partners to create an experience to highlight the chosen industry. This will include projects and virtual meetings to better understand the industry and its unique career
  4. This is a unique opportunity to ask questions of your industry partner and explore.
  5. This is not an internship. Students will not be working for anyone and it is probably not resume-worthy. For example, A student considering Law School after graduation may get paired with a working Lawyer to ask questions about their experiences.

For those students seeking a more traditional internship, we invite them to visit their college career center for information or Handshake.

Student Application:

** If you would like to be considered for the next session of TRIP , please contact Leonard A. Williams, PhD.**

Please include in the email your major and what you would like to learn more about which may or may not align with your major in school.

We will introduce you to your Industry Partner if a match is made.

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