Summer 2022 Edition

The Tulane Remote Industry Program Summer 2022 Edition is specifically for students who have completed their first or second year at Tulane. Companies who will be participating understand that these unpaid virtual experience are as much about students learning and getting experience as they are about directly impacting the efforts of the company or organization, and are in accordance with the Fair Labor Standard Act. Participating Companies who are interested in hiring students further into their career journeys and academic experience at Tulane are invited to post paid internships with the Tulane Career Center. Over 400 students have participated in TRIP in the past several years, and now work at amazing companies.

The experiences will primarily be project-based with weekly meetings scheduled with a supervisor to monitor progress and learn more about the company the students are working with. Students will work 10-15 hours per week for the duration of the program, and the duration will be 4-6 weeks based on the employer’s preference. As an incredible feature of the program, selected participants will receive an all-expense paid “TRIP” to visit their experience supervisor at a mutually-agreed upon date during the experience period. Tulane will pay for airfare, 2 nights hotel and a per diem for travel and food. At the end of the experience, participants will write a reflection paper focused on the experience and what they learned.

Remote Experiences will launch to students starting April 27, 2022. The first group of companies will be introduced then and other companies will continue to be added throughout the semester and into the early summer. We are allowing for variable length experiences with starting dates set by the employer and agreed upon by the student. We only require that the internship last at least 6 weeks.

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